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The Journey of a
South African Foodie

A foodie is a person who has an ardent, refined interest in food, who enjoys cuisine not out of necessity, but as a form of expression. Beyond being a gourmand, I consider myself an aficionado of food! It is my life’s passion and a journey of discovery that has become the pinnacle of my travels.

I love my odyssey. Not only with food, but travel, lifestyle happenings and the hero brands in my family. My honest wish is to share what I find and grow to love with others. 

These are fine words indeed, but at my core I am still just a simple Boerseun who loves food – finding it, growing it, making it, crafting it, eating it.

Charles Bukowski (allegedly) uttered these words, stating that life is short, and it will end – let the end come while doing something you love

Thank you for joining me here and now, you are most welcome!

Would you like something to eat?

It is an incredible blessing to have a vocation that is also a passion

Visual Story Telling

Being a film and video content producer since 2005, I find great satisfaction employing my experience and skill to deliver engaging, entertaining and informative media content at an attainable budget to the culinary, food and lifestyle heroes in South Africa.

Food and More

Why do I love food so much? The answer is quite simple - I'm always hungry. Foodie SA has always been a platform to record to share my experience and enjoyment of the culinary arts. More and more, travel and lifestyle has become part of this journey, returning to an earlier era as an insert and feature producer for broadcast television videographer, writer and editor.


It is said that life is not about the destination, but about the journey. I say the journey is best lived when shared with others. I love entertaining and giving those close to me an experience, far beyond food and drink, where we create memories together through the shared expression of authentic living. Food is my love language. Food unites.

Tabletop Video

Other culinary content creators value the filming and editing I do to offer top notch videos at a budget they can afford.

Brand Engament

I often work with brand managers and social media influencers to create high quality video content for placement and marketing.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Travel, wine, décor and lifestyle has become a big part of my work as it all goes hand in hand with good food and good living.

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To say that taking the top prize in the Taste Master 2022 was but a dream moments before I heard my name announced, is a gross understatement. I am thrilled, honored and utterly humbled by the experience. I loved being able to share myself and my craft with you all, while making friendships that will last a lifetime (we share this memory for the rest of our days) You are all spectacular people and extraordinary bakers!

Thank you to each and every congratulation and expression of kindness, there are many, but a special mention of gratitude to my family and close friends. Without your encouragement and support throughout, I might have had to eat a humble vegan pie.

For now, a winey lunch with mates in the sun. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Please make contact for paid partnerships, collaborations and ambassadorial engagements.


The Taste Master SA

In May of 2022, on the recommendation of a friend, I submitted an audition video to enter the third season of The Taste Master SA. At that time I was unaware that the show in its entirety was all about baking.

This was an incredibly formative journey. One I shall treasure for the rest of my life. I feel humbled and privileged to have been selected as a contestant.

Through this experience I have learned so much about myself. I have surprised myself in more ways that one. I feel much more comfortable behind the scenes than in front of them - it was stepping out of my comfort zone and into a world I know well, but never actively participated in as an on screen personality.

Join me on this remarkable journey each Friday evening at 7pm on SABC2